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Pattie Freeman BCHT, CI

Addiction Specialist

Food, Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Gambling, Gamers, Shopping, Relationships, Social Networks, Facebook, Texting,  the list is endless.


Products & Services

Services-can be booked by calling for a Appointment and Downloads can be order simply by emailing Pattie@thearizonahypnotist,com  specify which download you are interested in and a contact number emailed within 24 hours.

Individual sessions are available all personal information is kept in strict confidence and Privacy. Free Consultation and a download. Call for more information about the sessions offered. Each Sessions is customized to you and is monitored with sober coaching.

Customized  and Personalized audio Hypnotic Sensory session that are recorded with your personal data. These  are done after a FREE consultation so your sessiom can be detailed for your personal use. It is recorded as a MP3-format. Call for more information about this service

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Alcoholism is one of the most common addictions in the world. Its effects can be destructive to oneself and many illnesses result from its abuse. This Audio can help you overcome the urge to drink and help you consume alcohol in moderation. Begin a new alcohol-free existence now! Personalized for you!

 Alcohol Addiction $150.00


Whether you cannot stop smoking, control your drinking, stop your over eating, or brush away any other addictive tendencies, you will find some much needed comfort and determination.. Get rid of any addiction that may be hindering your life. Start living your existence to the fullest!

Nicotine Addiction- $150.00


Do you have an addictive personality? Are you the type of person that does everything in excess, whether it be smoking, eating, drinking, drugs, or any other addictive behavior? Get some much needed help now, and say goodbye to your addictions! This will help you overcome your addictions and restore your behavior back to normal.

Addiction Behavior Specify $150.00

 Sex Addiction
 Substance Abuse

Thank you Pattie I don't know how to thank you enough in getting my life back in order and finally I am rid of my addiction to alcohol it lead me into other addicitons and now I am Alcohol and Drug free. I am Free to live my live happy and no more worries. Thank you .. 

Stacey M. Paradise Valley, Az-


So who would of thought shopping could be a addiction. Now after years of buying things and seeing my closet full of clothes I never wore. I came to a conclusion I have a issue with shopping. I am proud to say after seeing you I now keep my credit card in my wallet and happy to see my bills are less and I am now saving for a fun vacation. Thanks Pattie

Susan H. Scottsdale Az.