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Pattie Freeman BCHT, CI

Addiction Specialist

Food, Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Gambling, Gamers, Shopping, Relationships, Social Networks, Facebook, Texting,  the list is endless.


    About Pattie Freeman...

Pattie Freeman is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist/Author and Speaker. She has an Addiction Specialist background. Certified and trained in NLP,and is a member and a instructor of the National Guild Of Hypnotist, Arizona Professional Hypnotist Association, NESTA. She has helped many Professional deal with drug and alcohol abuse issues.

She has been the Hypnotherapist to the stars with offices based in Beverly Hills, Ca and Scottsdale, AZ. She has worked with many famous actors, actresses, daytime soap stars and film writers, and producers and directors of major TV shows. Pattie has helped actors, producers and directors on and off the set with stress management due to their addictions. 

Pattie has studied as a BA in Psychology and currently completing her Doctrine graduate degree.  Her therapeutic approach, compelling communication style, and by her success rate dealing with addiction clients, she is a top motivator, and clinician in the field of Behavioral human development.  Combining modalities of hypnotherapy, Parts therapy, neuro-linguistics programming (N.L.P.), whole brain learning, and success Enhancement in Performance and Injury conditioning and Personal Achievement.

Pattie has been on FOX Sports "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" She has been on various TV and Radio talk shows. Patricia has help thousands of clients enhance their lifestyles with her visualization techniques.

Now I would like to help you experience success in achieving your goals with Hypnosis Visualization techniques. She can change your life and help your addiction become a thing of the past.

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Thank you Pattie I don't know how to thank you enough in getting my life back in order and finally I am rid of my addiction to alcohol it lead me into other addicitons and now I am Alcohol and Drug free. I am Free to live my live happy and no more worries. Thank you .. 

Stacey M. Paradise Valley, Az-


So who would of thought shopping could be a addiction. Now after years of buying things and seeing my closet full of clothes I never wore. I came to a conclusion I have a issue with shopping. I am proud to say after seeing you I now keep my credit card in my wallet and happy to see my bills are less and I am now saving for a fun vacation. Thanks Pattie

Susan H. Scottsdale Az.