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Pattie Freeman BCHT, CI

Addiction Specialist

Food, Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Gambling, Gamers, Shopping, Relationships, Social Networks, Facebook, Texting,  the list is endless.


Sober Coaching

Are up looking for answers about the whys of your addictions. Some relapsed more then others, this sometimes feels like failure. No one is a failure unless you give up on yourself before you give yourself that one last chance of being sober, drug free or addiction free.

How Coaching Works..

A team of Coaches are assigned to the client through the tough times of their sobriety either on a one on one personal assistance basis and a 2-3 weekly visits to the office . These coaches depending on the addiction has expertise in their field and will help the client get through their moments of doubts, temptations or any other influences in their lives.

No matter where you live the coaches are available to assist you in getting addiction free. I can assist you in finding the right coach for you and your addiction.

For more information about the coaching program and sessions feel free to call and get a free consultation.

It's never to late to get the help that can help you stay on your path and lead a heathly and happy life.

 Sex Addiction
 Substance Abuse

Thank you Pattie I don't know how to thank you enough in getting my life back in order and finally I am rid of my addiction to alcohol it lead me into other addicitons and now I am Alcohol and Drug free. I am Free to live my live happy and no more worries. Thank you .. 

Stacey M. Paradise Valley, Az-


So who would of thought shopping could be a addiction. Now after years of buying things and seeing my closet full of clothes I never wore. I came to a conclusion I have a issue with shopping. I am proud to say after seeing you I now keep my credit card in my wallet and happy to see my bills are less and I am now saving for a fun vacation. Thanks Pattie

Susan H. Scottsdale Az.